2020-08-19 Living in Our Dreams

I was listening to pianist Yiruma while trying to work. It was a song I had not heard before: “Love Me”. Within a few notes of the piano for some reason I flashed on Rick & I working on home projects through the years. This quickly evolved into feelings of pure happiness & satisfaction andContinue reading “2020-08-19 Living in Our Dreams”

2020-07-20 A Lesson in Passion

Rick said one of the first traits that attracted him to me was that I lived life with passion. Through the years he complimented me on the passion I showed toward our family, gardening, adventures, college studies and in later years in caregiving for Mom. In his last two months as his strength was eroding,Continue reading “2020-07-20 A Lesson in Passion”

2020-06-23 Bubble Therapy – Lifting Love

Around May I started blowing bubbles in my courtyard when I was feeling really down. It always lightened my mood, especially watching bubbles soaring upward. I wrote down the process to share with others journeying through grief. Lifting Love -(all you need is bubble soap, a wand and a breeze) Speak: Say their name orContinue reading “2020-06-23 Bubble Therapy – Lifting Love”