2020-06-23 Bubble Therapy – Lifting Love

Around May I started blowing bubbles in my courtyard when I was feeling really down. It always lightened my mood, especially watching bubbles soaring upward. I wrote down the process to share with others journeying through grief.

Lifting Love -(all you need is bubble soap, a wand and a breeze)


Say their name or declare your love… send a prayer…share a thought…make a wish…sing a verse of their favorite song


Sense how love and/or good feelings bubble up as you collect your thoughts and draw in a breath

Feel the release as you blow, filling each bubble with not just your breath but also loving thoughts, prayers or wishes

  • Once again in your relationship you have a tender way to express your love.


See how bubbles are perfect spheres.

  • No matter what you do or don’t get done today know that you created those perfect spheres.

Notice all colors, the full spectrum of subtle hues swirling as the bubbles rise and dance slowly.

  • Your action of love can create many bubbles – just like the 4 letter word ‘love’ conveys so much more than just 4 of anything!

Now watch those wonderful little spheres. Some slowly dip and burst, perhaps their message was given quickly.  Others lift and drift. They may dart in different directions on an unseen draft, as if they know where they need to go

  • Do you notice your mood lighten and your heart lift?
  • And if one bubble comes back to you and makes contact does it feel like a butterfly kiss?

I always feel like the love message I have sent was received and I have my loved one’s reply in return when I feel that gentle touch on my cheek.

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