2020-07-20 A Lesson in Passion

Rick said one of the first traits that attracted him to me was that I lived life with passion. Through the years he complimented me on the passion I showed toward our family, gardening, adventures, college studies and in later years in caregiving for Mom.

In his last two months as his strength was eroding, he said he was jealous because my passion in caring for him afforded me more strength. I remember my heart ached in hearing that.

 As I have been gardening and now capturing photos, I recognize and enjoy that strength of passion returning and in it there still is a feeling of connection to Rick. I not only loved him passionately; we approached and enjoyed so many aspects of life with passion.

In my morning time in the garden I found this, a new Morning Glory bloom connected to a spent one. To me it looks to represent ‘One Last Kiss’ and it touched me deep down. I see a passionate kiss good-bye. I feel like there is a reason I am being reminded of ‘passion’ and how good it feels to find it and practice it in life.

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I'm a Northern California native and have made over 60 trips around the sun. I work hard, play harder (and younger) and believe life is best lived with passion!

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