About Me

I’m Terri, a 3rd generation SF Bay Area native who has chalked up more than 60 trips around the sun. I’ve been blessed with three sons (now grown) and an awesome, fun and brave husband. I write ‘brave’ because when we married 19 years ago he chose the ‘bundle’- as my sons were 8, 10 and 12 years old. We enjoyed a full and adventurous life.

My blog title “Treasure Every Day” speaks to two beliefs shared between me and my husband Rick; that we should appreciate (or treasure) every day we are given and also we should be looking for something special (a ‘treasure’) to be recognized and remembered.

When Rick was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer in November 2019 our lives changed in an instant. Although I didn’t have much of a chance to journal my thoughts in the 109 days between the surgeon’s phone call and Rick’s promotion to ‘Angel’ I have been collecting my thoughts and trying so very hard to revisit that whirlwind time, to discover the gold that outlasted the fire. I want to make sure I realize the last treasures of our marriage, to take precious care of them and to continue to treasure the blessings and gifts of each new day.

Me & Rick- treasure hunting on the San Mateo County Coast -2018

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