2023-04-24 Party of 1, Living for 2

I took a weekday solo getaway, it was wonderful, a coastal area Rick & I always meant to explore. As I ‘celebrated Rick like confetti’ a wave came up so fast I didn’t get a chance to snap my usual photo of the heart drawing in the sand with a bit of ashes. So I said aloud ‘That’s okay, the ocean is in a hurry to welcome you. Maybe there is a something meant for me to find.’ And within 5 minutes I found a heart-shape ‘wish stone’. (Each unbroken vein around a stone represents a wish, this rock has several.)

In late afternoon I took a glass of wine to the Inn’s adirondack chairs by the Russian River and thought about the awesome day I had! A little over 3 years on my widow journey and I realized that once again feel like I’m back living in the manner that Rick and I enjoyed together. And since the return of this familiar feeling is happening more and more on solo getaways and adventures it feels like I get that nudge of encouragement and Rick-like enthusiasm to continue on.

Published by terriamma

I'm a Northern California native and have made over 60 trips around the sun. I work hard, play harder (and younger) and believe life is best lived with passion!

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