2000-03-30 When It’s Meant to Be

In April 1999 I heard about a Christian Dating Service. Back then the process was to fill out a paper profile, supply a few pictures and make an interview video in their office. There were binders to thumb through and if you were interested in the paper profile you could view their VHS video and if that piqued your interest you could fill out an Introduction request. The receiver could then review your paper profile & VHS information.

One of the photos from my profile, on a SF Cable Car

In May while I was reviewing information from two men who had sent an Introduction request to me, I decided to review profiles myself. I read Rick’s paper profile and viewed his video. We had much in common; both ‘middle children’, raised Catholic, both a compatible height. He had even graduated from BYU, where my Dad had attended college. I also liked his smile in his photos and enjoyed his smile, dancing eyes and the rumble of his voice in his video. I nervously filled out an Introduction request. I never did follow up, confident that if it was meant to be, I would hear back. During this time I did receive other introductions and went on a few dates.

Fast forward to March 2000. I received a call from the Dating Service saying that my introduction to a member had gotten misplaced in their filing cabinet. When they discovered it, they contacted the intended recipient. He, being a gentleman asked the Service to first contact me to see if I was still interested. So, when they contacted me and explained about the 11 months delay, they asked me if I needed to come to their office to refresh my memory about this person? Since I had not sent out introductions to other men I immediately said: “I remember this gentleman. His name is Rick and his profile has a picture of him standing next to a dolphin statue. Yes, I am interested.”

The photo from Rick’s profile that I recalled 11 months later.

After several long phone conversations Rick and I met for the first time for coffee. Both of us felt that the delay was ‘a God thing’ as during those 11 months we both had been through some other relationship issues and we probably weren’t ready for each other until now. As Rick walked me to my car at the end of our coffee date he said that although he wanted to, he would not be kissing me because if I felt the same way he would like to enter a courtship with me and he would want our future first kiss to be memorable. For me, with a beginning like this it was already memorable.

Our first date: Afternoon coffee at Coffee Roast Express

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