2000-03-30 When It’s Meant to Be

In April 1999 I heard about a Christian Dating Service. Back then the process was to fill out a paper profile, supply a few pictures and make an interview video in their office. There were binders to thumb through and if you were interested in the paper profile you could view their VHS video andContinue reading “2000-03-30 When It’s Meant to Be”

2021-06-01 Light Shines Brightest in the Dark

Lately it is hard for me to keep it together. It has been 1 year, 2 months and 20 days since Rick ‘moved to paradise’ and in the past 5 days I have been in tears twice at our Department of Motor Vehicles while trying to change the title on Rick’s car. And mind you,Continue reading “2021-06-01 Light Shines Brightest in the Dark”