2022-03-20 Seeing Blooms & Blessings

As I walk into my third year with Rick not on this earthy plain I am getting better at being more deliberate in practicing mindfulness. I take time to notice not just flowers but their hues and details. I notice not just the change of temperature walking out my front door, but the scent in the air, the feel on my skin. I am trying to not miss the opportunities to be more deliberate in observing my world, if only for a few moments.

So this morning, on the first day of Spring I walked out to enjoy the sun and what was blooming in my small courtyard. And then I got the idea to pick some of my blooms. This lifted my spirits and suddenly I felt such gratitude for all I have, and all I have soldiered through. As I got out a treasured vase and polished off the tarnish the following thought came to me:

It’s delightful to receive flowers, empowering to buy one’s self flowers and truly a soulful celebration to take a favorite vase from the cabinet, arrange flowers from one’s own garden and appreciate all the blessings in the activity. -Terri McIntire-Alagna

I know Rick is so proud of me and I am proud of me, too.

My Spanish BlueBells & Nasturiums in my favorite small vase

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