Dream Inn and Dream On

Since I was a teenager I had always equated the Santa Cruz Dream Inn hotel with romance, the place where many people spent their wedding night. Now, more than 45 yrs later I am here with my husband on January 4th, only 16 days shy of our 19th anniversary and just 10 days after his first round of chemo for Stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

 Lying awake before 4 AM in our ocean view room I’m listening to the waves crash while breathing in the salty air. Rick sleeps peacefully next to me, the rise and fall of his breath seems to weave itself into the sound of the tide.

Suddenly Rick shifts his position and I feel a gentle tug at my heart. It’s a heart string being pulled. It is being added to the newly woven fabric of the ocean’s scent & sound with the closeness & fleeting peace of my husband. With this heartstring the tapestry of a memory is being created. And I’m so lucky to realize it, to treasure it even as another stitch is added. 

 And so I was right all along. The Dream Inn is a special place for celebrating love, for creating memories from deep within the heart and soul. 

  Rick woke up as I finished capturing these thoughts on my phone. In the dark, cozy under the covers I read them to him. We’ve had so many great chats in bed over the years and this is perhaps the best one yet. We decide that we want to come back to the Dream Inn ten years from now and remember how we strode into the new year of 2020. From where we are, right now the world is still filled with possibilities, no dream is too big.

And now more stitches are added.

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